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at Villequier 2016

at Villequier 2016

Seine d'amour © Levaillant 2015

Traduction "esprit(s) de Seine"

Love Seine

I’ll admit you, i’ve a fondness for the Seine

I’ll confess to you I love it when she’s in her bed

On her concave sides

On her slim curves

I stride along her beaches, her shores

On her convex sides

I recline

I’m gratified

From the summits of her hillsides I notice her curves

On her towpath I brush past her lands wet or wooded

I love her ebb, her flow

That incessant coming and going

Which caress her banks

As soon as I leave her, I put her on scene

I love her colours, her fruity aromas

Her banks planted with delicious orchards

At dawn her mists fragment the first light of day

At midday, her reflections, arouse themselves, beneath the sun’s zenith

At sunset her waters are kissed by a thousand fires

At dusk her flow shivers under the moon

At midnight, the streetlights and beacons

Chart her vast estuary

As soon as I’m distant, I put her on scene

Sometime of Eure, Sometime of Seine Maritime

Between the Flowered Coast and the Alabaster Coast

The Seine floods the bay with brackish waters

Which dissipate into salty waters

As soon as I meet her, I put her on scene

Seine d’amour (Love Seine) © Levaillant 2015

Le portrait by Pascal Levaillant

This wasn't a first for me. In the past, several people have sketched me, with paper and pencil, taken my photograph and today, painted me.

Il liked the experience. We started first, Olivier Desvaux and myself, by choosing Caudebec-en-Caux as the setting.

I always mention this part first because my portrait is part of a serie called "spirits of the Seine" which puts into context the fact that the Seine is represented on the canvas.

Setting the scene, or should I say "Seine", was as important as the theme a portrait).

With this in mind I wore my normal, everyday, clothes and my straw hat that I like to wear when I go walking, apart from when it's windy.

I loved the sitting that we did on the quay at Caudebec-en-Caux next to tjhe signpost I created along with other artists from the first biannual 'The Art of Driftwood' in 2014.

I would have also opted for the beach at Villequier where I gather, or collect, or glean, but the light seemed better to us on the quay at Caudebec-en-Caux.

The sitting was rather epic, what with the wind toppling over the big parasol that the artist was using and the gusts that twice blew my hat into the waters of the Ambion. Olivier had to fish my hat out twice using his parasol and I managed to find a way to fix down the parasol so that it wouldn't blow over again. We couldn't have shown more team spirit in getting the portrait done.

I had total confidence in Olivier, I've seen the portrait nealrly-finished ans it's 100% me, I approve of it unreservedly, it's likeness taht I like.

What was magic were the tacit moments punctuated by discussion, a conversation other than about painting itself, about continually crossing and holding each other's gaze.

Seeing myself through Olivier's eyes I feel its an appropriation of my being, of my vitality.

I complete let myself go, I felt in total confidence, thanks to Olivier's talent ans charisma. That all helped create a true rapport. I'm stillenthusiastic and impatient, which is true of all great experiences ans high points, to see the results in a large format, I sincerely believe the real magic of this portrait is in the genuine encounter between us.

Traduction dans le cadre de l'exposition "esprits de Seine" by Olivier Desvaux 2016

at Gruchet Abbaye du Valasse 2016

at Gruchet Abbaye du Valasse 2016

at Abbaye du Valasse 2016

at Abbaye du Valasse 2016

at Villequier 2016

at Villequier 2016

at Villequier 2016

at Villequier 2016

at Caudebec-en-Caux 2015

at Caudebec-en-Caux 2015

at Caudebec-en-Caux 2015

at Caudebec-en-Caux 2015

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